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the lj of an idiot

10 July 1986
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Date Created:07/09/03
Number of Posts: 46

BlackMaylay is a truly unique but rarely found creature. She can be found all roaming various landscapes of the net. Although easy to find, she is hard to catch. She is very shy toward strangers, but once you gained her trust she will prove to be a loyal friend and powerful ally.
Strengths: Creating, drawing, dreaming, searching, sleeping, honesty and loyality.
Weaknesses: Sometimes shy, easily annoyed, sometimes to blunt, kind superstitious, and spends to much time on the internet.
Special Skills: A Secret Magic Power
Weapons: Black ink, paint brush, good luck charms, chop sticks poke move, and a "so cute that it's scary" MashiMaro plushie.
Secret Magic Power: Though kind and sweet, when a person gets on her bad side she transforms into a monsterous being.

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